Soul Warrior Jewelry Designer Jade

Jade – Soul Warrior Jewelry Designer

About Designer Jade

After decades of success in the corporate world, Jade made an inspiring move into entrepreneurship when her loving mother passed away.  Jade held tight to her mother’s words of wisdom and embarked on creating and living a life with the sole purpose of being happy.  Since then, Jade has become a well known Spiritual Success Coach, Mentor and Trainer, Reiki Energy Healer, EFT Tapping Expert, Solopreneur and Inspirational Speaker.   Her life is all about energy, vibration, connection, spiritual growth and personal expression of your authentic self.

Most Asked Questions:

What is a Soul Warrior?

“I love that question.  Soul Warriors are powerful individuals who are true to their own brilliance and their darkness.  Soul Warriors are expressive, authentic, empowered from within and strive to heal, grow and reach higher levels of consciousness.  Soul Warriors are spiritual seekers who embrace challenges for what they are… paths to growth and self actualization. Soul Warriors embrace and respect the expression of energy in all it’s forms at all levels, the divine to the physical, the synergy of mind, spirit & body.  This is why Soul Warriors love my jewelry, for it’s healing properties and energy blessings for greater, higher vibrations.”

You design your jewelry for the Spiritual Warrior.  Please elaborate.

“Being spiritual is defined many ways within the human experience.  Because we all are individuals who add to the collective consciousness of Oneness, we each are unique in personality, preferences, goals, desires…. A spiritual badass is a spiritual seeker who is grounded and wild at the same time.  A spiritual badass is not afraid of their own expressions of self, have no need to pretend and desire synergy of spirit and ego.  The spiritual badass is authentic in spirit and mind, are not afraid of their vulnerabilities and embrace every challenge that comes their way. “

A note from Jade to You:

Thank you so much for visiting.   It’s been an amazing journey for me and I am grateful I am sharing this moment with you.

Creating and designing powerful gemstone jewelry for you, the Spiritual Badass is my passion because I know energy is everything and energized gemstones can and will make a difference in your life.  It’s no wonder at age 50 I realized how much I was holding back from all the amazing things I wanted to do.  When I let go of the chains of hiding, I was free. Free to share with others and free to make a difference.  I have witnessed the emotional, physical and intellectual healing and empowerment gemstones can offer and if this resonates with your heart, you have come to the right place. My Spiritual Journey helped me embrace my Soul Warrior Self and I continue to help others do the same.

Each beautiful piece of jewelry I hand make has purpose and intentions.  I bless each one, cleanse its energy and empower the stones with universal life force energy for healing and energizing your energetic system.  I personally make each item per order and ask you to contact me directly with special instructions for blessings, custom orders and special requests.  Contact Me.

When you receive your precious jewelry, you can hold it in the palm of your hand, focus and feel the delicious vibration of loving energy and intentional power.

You are a Soul Warrior.   You are amazing beyond belief and I guarantee you will love your Soul Warrior Jewelry or you may return it for a full refund.

Enjoy the Energy, Love Your Life!

Namaste with Love and Light,